Saturday, 5 March 2011

Yoga for...all?

I went to yoga today. My experience of yoga before today was at swanky gyms with swanky people in Adidas. I always felt this was a little sterile for yoga and would scour the internet for a bamboo eco friendly mat that didn't hurt my knees but was still in a pretty colour. 

But this place isn't just a yoga centre. Its a place of tie dye, jingly bells, peace signs and happy little messages in the toilet asking you to 'please not steal the loo paper' but to have a 'happy and fulfilling day'. 

Utterly charmed by all positive thinking, and feeling smug that I had not stolen the loo roll, I skipped down the stairs to the studio. 

But I'd got it wrong. All wrong. I was in sportswear (WITH LOGOS - me? An evil corporate conspirator? Who knew!?) not vests and capri pants in earth tones with ballet wraps as coverups. I made mental note at once that I needed a new yoga outfit before venturing back into this unknown realm but decided to suck it up and just get on with it. 

THEN I put my mat in the teachers place. 

At an ANGLE whilst everyone elses is straight. 

I'm met with scowls as I shuffle my mat into an acceptable position whilst silently cursing it because one end keeps rolling up. I am officially anti hippie, anti eco, never ever grown cress in an egg shell bad person and I felt guilty every time I go into downward facing dog and saw the offending coral colour I'd painted my toes specially. 

Next class I shall have yoga grunge down to perfection and maybe one day (when I find my inner peace) I won't care what they think. Bloody Namaste to you too!


  1. Haha I got myself so stressed out about my first yoga class - I ended up spending hours walking around looking for something to wear and ended up buying a pair of harem style pj bottoms because they were the only thing that seemed "yoga" enough. As it was, I found the class to be a bit snobby and pretty boring :/ Practice at home - it's far less stressful :D x

  2. Hiya blogging is the new old social media! Love to hear about your yoga keep up the posts!

  3. My mum used to be seriously into yoga back in the day, she bought just about every yoga book in existence, mostly the ones written by Richard Hittleman & it really worked out for her, so stick with it and don't give up!

  4. Putting your mat in the teachers place...made me smile!!! I've resisted the yoga "bug"...maybe I'm missing out! Let us all know how it goes...x