Thursday, 24 March 2011

Motivation through a letter box.

So, by now you'll know I've been on a mad crazy fitness kick! I started this year with a renewed sense of self and the desire to feel proud of it. I wanted more energy, a clearer head and firmer thighs!  I didn't want to blame Nancy's tattoo completely for my love of a long sleeved cardigan!  I have persuaded two friends to join me on my journey into the unknown world of health and fitness.

Struggling today. Have been kept awake all night by Milo the cat who spent the night meowing at a wall (I have two, Ollie and Milo. They are wondrous). I couldn't see what was so interesting about it at 4am but I did have a good look this morning, still not obvious, ah well the world of the cat is a whole other story!  I then had a very annoying conversation with British Gas and am now in a funk.

Fox in a Funk.

Really hungry and the only things in the fridge are randoms, so I end up eating a whole jar of anchovies (mmmm sexy breath) and sniffing crossly at the capers. What are these for? Why do I have them? They do not taste good. 

The whole point of this exercise is so I can eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts and not live on bulgar wheat and spelt. Have you ever heard of two more unappetising sounding foods? I don't think it helps that Gillian McKeith is always banging on about them either. 

I know I should go food shopping and buy bananas but I picture a trolley full of iced gems, and so, instead I scowl at the yoga timetable thinking that I'll have to remove my nail varnish if I want to go. Bitches. 

I take myself out for a walk in the sunshine and hum Beach Boys songs to myself while wondering if I can keep all this fitness up when I'd much rather be on the sofa playing Burger Shop 2 (try it - you will lose hours of your life attempting to get your customers orders correct within the time limit). 

Once home I check the mail to discover two things, that if you believe in signs, couldn't have been more obvious if they'd been stapled to my forehead. 

First is a little card with ZUMBA on it and a web address so I can find my nearest class. I remember the last class I went to.   My utter joy at wiggling away to the music in a church hall full of co-ordinately challenged people, I remember joyously side stepping with an imaginery platter full of tapas and pretending to be a Greek waiter to a plate smashing song  - and book in for the next class.

The second is a new fitness and dance school opening a few doors down from my house. 

Well…knock me down with a feather if I'm not excited by this new prospect and ready to give it a chance! Ballet Fit? Salsa you say? Stretch and Tone?  POLE DANCING?! Ok! Ok I say!

Suddenly I'm struck by the idea of trying out as many different types of fitness crazes, phases and classes and feel newly inspired! I'm jotting down a list which includes snowboarding, rock climbing and I suddenly have a need to discover what 
ViPR is !?

Motivation from Royal Mail – there’s something I thought I'd never say!


  1. Haha.. motivation from Royal Mail... I like it :) xo

  2. Screw sickness depleting the many hours lost from British industry, it's games like Burger Shop 2!
    I always feel I have failed if I can't gold star a level.
    On another note, I need to try Zumba, I think I would love it, but I don't want to go on my I being a wuss? Yes.

  3. actually i came across this whole world of blogging through mistake by the world of twitter, but i have enjoyed reading peoples thoughts and opinions, this was very well written and you come across very grounded and pleasant. one question? is all blogs going to be on fitness? or is that a silly question? anyway must go the gym is calling....