Tuesday, 28 June 2011

It's Getting Hot In Here.

I was beyond excitement when I discovered that a hot yoga studio was opening in Liverpool and even more excited when I discovered their website. Yay, hooray for the internet, no need to pick up that phone. I have a strange fear of ringing people and have to psych myself up before I actually pick up the phone, even when its someone I want to talk to – even more psyching needed when its not, like the bank! 
Anyway I downloaded the timetable and sorted out a time to go, then the real worry started - what do I wear? A quick search online suggests tiny shorts and a crop top. Well that just isn't going to happen is it?!  But after a lot of VIPR, PowerPlate and even pole dancing, I think my legs have changed shape enough to possibly be put in little shorts, with the help of fake tan obviously, and topped off with a vest top. I have my own yoga mat from time spent at the yoga studio with the nipple fixated instructor, so just need to grab a towel from the airing cupboard and I'm good to go! 

I discover that I really don't know Liverpool that well despite living here for over six years.  I end up driving around for an hour longer than expected because I decide I know better than the sat nav. I have become very distrustful of my sat nav since it sent me down a bridle path. I realise I should have followed my instincts and not blindly followed instructions especially when said instructions are delivered in the dulcet, seductive tones of its voice, never trust a silky voiced sat nav!  I was driving a car that regularly got mistaken for an escaped dinky toy being steered by an invisible remote control; in the pouring rain;  in the dark;  on my own. I started to really dislike my sat nav about 45 minutes later when to get traction under the back wheels I had to take a running jump onto the boot of the car, shoot forward 10 feet and then to do it all over again.  I actually really hated my sat nav when I finally oozed out of the bridle path, shaking, cold and covered in mud, and it tried to send me down another bloody one! I think we had a full blown barny after that one!

Finally arriving at the yoga studio, the difference between hot yoga and bikram yoga was explained. The difference being that in bikram the classes are always 90 minutes long, you aren't allowed water and they lock you in! Hot yoga is the girly version! Listening to your body, drinking lots of water and being able to leave if it all gets too much! Sounds good to me! The class starts with slow breathing as I try to acclimatise to the heat which is quite difficult as its like a bloody sauna in there! 

As soon as I begin to move into a slow and controlled sun salutation I start to sweat. I sweat a lot. Its actually pouring off me and as I try to hang onto my leg during one pose, my hands just cant get a grip and slide off because of the sweat. I now realise the point of the towel is to stop you sliding of the mats - your feet won't stick to the mat for moisture!  But the heat, the breathing and the stretching has the most wonderful effect and I feel like I could take on the world (or maybe I've just gone really dizzy) and somehow seeing your muscles glistening with sweat makes them look more defined!  I could get used to this! 
Soon we move onto floor work and I start to understand why we are told to take things easy. I suddenly feel a churning in my stomach and everything begins to spin. The instructor (in calm monotone tones, much like the sat nave now I think of it) tells me to look into my eyes in the mirror this will help with the sick feeling. The person looking back looks insane. Wide eyes, red faced, panting, my hair sticking out at weird angles and fake tan and sweat pouring down my cheeks. S.E.X.Y. 

The class ends and I have gotten through it! The doors open and fresh air floods the room and I drag myself, my half rolled yoga mat and a now fake tan soaked and stained towel to the 'chill out' area.  There’s ice cold towels waiting  and even orange wedges waiting! At that moment the most refreshing combination known to man!  All the sickness and dizziness float away and I'm left feeling fresh, alive and like everyone else in the class - completely addicted. 

Monday, 20 June 2011

Variety is the spice of life.

I've been rather quiet lately and I do apologise!  I've been super busy this last month and it feels like my feet have barely touched the ground!  In fact during my Breast Cancer Care walk - I don't think they did!

The Pink Ribbon walk was a charity walk my boyfriend and I took part in for Breast Cancer Care, it was a brilliant day!  Everyone who sponsored me -work, friends, family and in particular my twitter followers – I can’t thank you enough!

The day started at Cholmey Castle in Chester and on the drive there I spotted a sign for an ice cream factory, an ice cream factory sounds wonderful!  So that’s mentally bookmarked for another day. No quite honestly, I have bookmarked the website - they have over 30 flavours and a petting zoo. I don't know which part of that I'm more exciting about. Mmmm – oops, better get back on topic! 

Now I'll be honest with you when I signed up for the walk I thought it would be a lovely day in nice surroundings with inspiring people. It was all of those things but it was also mostly UP HILL. Miles and miles of walking UP HILL is a killer on the thighs and lungs and I am very impressed by the determination and drive of those taking part. I can also say I've never been so happy to eat that banana waiting for me at a rest stop! 

The whole day was very special and so well organised and I'm really glad I took part. I feel inspired to do more events for charity and who knows - maybe the London Marathon one day!

So, apart from doing a lot of walking I've been keeping myself busy in other ways as well!  I know those who follow me on twitter will have seen the tweets - I'm still doing Zumba. Still going weekly to the lovely Danielle for ViPR and Powerplate session. Still trying to get off the ground at pole dancing and somehow also working everyday at Hollyoaks!

I wanted to try something new - I had grown tired of bootcamp. Too much time spent in the plank position and far too much dog poo. I had decided that the hippies at the Yoga Centre were too judgemental and was also not enjoying the company of  one of the instructors whose wandering eye was wandering a little too often to my chest. 

But the thing with yoga is its good for me. Its such a wonderful form of exercise for anyone, and gives you time to just focus on yourself. Particularly good after a long day at work or a stressful period. So I whacked 'Yoga, Liverpool' into google to see what came up.  Unfortunately, nothing new appeared. Boo!. Most places seem to have classes at 5 or 6pm which is no good for those of us who work late or they require you to sign onto a course, which given my unpredictable life is not practical. Boo! Boo! Boo!. 

I thought about Thai Chi and wrinkled my nose. I thought about Pilates and yawned. I thought about rock climbing but then worried about the damage to my nails….so problem goes unresolved, the hunt goes on! 

Suggestions most welcome…we might even do a poll if there is a good variety of ideas!