Friday, 4 March 2011

Blame it on the Groupon.

Personally…I blame Groupon.

I'm not exactly sure how it started. I just know that it did. Maybe it was the day I was sat on the sofa munching on M&S extremely chocolately biscuits and decided I better finish off the packet as there were 'only three left'. 

Never Mind I was stuffed. 
Never Mind that there are only six in a packet to begin with.
Very Never Mind that they were 120 calories each.

Or maybe it was the thought of spending another summer sweating in cardigans over my sleeveless tops because I have an obsession over my 'fat arms'. 

Or maybe it was because Groupon had an offer on bootcamp classes. 

Background on me. I'm not fat. I've never been fat. I was an terribly active child and now not so active adult but still fairly slim. As an 18 year old nothing fazed me, belly button bearing tops, short skirts with calf high boots (is that flattering on anyone?!) and anything and everything in between. My confidence would have knocked your socks off! 

Then something changes doesn't it? Suddenly all those sections in magazines about 'hiding your problem areas' get in a little bit. Suddenly I'm looking at my 'problem areas' and an obsession with my legs (did you know the bit from my knee to my ankle was too short?) and a rather mean comment on my 'wrestlers arms' meant shorts and skirt and sleeveless tops were OUT.

Anyway…I digress. 

Enough! I have decided to get fit. I don't want to get thin. I want to get fit. I want my 18 year old confidence back and I want to wear what I want, when I want and I still want to eat chocolate biscuits while I do it Goddamnit!!

Week 1 - Zumba. Anyone else do Zumba? Of course you do! I seem to be the last person in the world to have caught on to this craze and its bloody good fun. I don't care that I sweated, I don't care that I started to have an asthma attack somewhere between a body roll and a chachacha! It was FUN and I feel I have so much more energy that I just want to get on and do more! 

The next day I'm a little achey but I can live with it. I bounce into work feeling more alert than I have done in ages (and thats nothing to do with my fancy new flask full of my fancy new coffee) and entertain the crew by showing them the 'car wash move' complete with the sound effect I have given it. To explain, the move is a stomp stomp with your left foot, meanwhile your left arm circles quickly twice as if waving hello and then one big half moon circle to say 'hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'. So we have stomp stomp Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Next we have bopbop. This move involves a big side step while giving the air a bear hug and two little jumps backwards - beeeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrrr bopbop. Getit? 

Hmmmm no wonder everyone gives me a wide berth! 

Bootcamp on Sunday and yoga in-between - I'll let you know how I get on!!


  1. well done!! i've just started a blog too.. on theatre mainly..
    it's as addictive as chocolate biscuits!

  2. Saw your post on Twitter and thought I'd take a look at your blog! I myself started Zumba but I haven't done it in a while cos it was far too energetic for someone as unfit as myself lol! Thinking about starting a proper regime of getting fit myself!
    Great blog

  3. Well done! It sounds like you're having a lot of fun :)

  4. I so want to try Zumba, may have to take a class or too...definitely sounds like hard work tho! x

  5. Congratutations with kicking a new regime that you seem to be enjoying. My reasons are not unlike yours for starting a keep-fit routine (my trouble area, the love handles!). Trouble has been my work commitments, multiple pan-european trips tend to have a detrimental effect to a keep-fit routine!!
    Might add the exercise updates to my blog as well!

  6. Fantastic work guys im a fan of your Groupon

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